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In this time of silent recession, career change and planning takes time and strategic decision-making. A job market benefits those that happen to be in the right place at the right time. Networking plays a very important role in the job search today. There has been a tremendous lack of real street-smarts career advice being dispensed that benefits those who need a job/ job change the most.

X-clusive Connect of Employment Orientation Programme provides assistance to all professionals to align their professional objectives with their personal aspirations. We help professionals find their authentic selves, help them discover their needs and goals to have a better, more fulfilling life and then help them implement a process to achieve those goals.

Features of X-clusive Connect from the perspective of the job seeker:

Assessment: X-clusive Connect will make assessment of job seeker’s capabilities, interests, and accomplishments that will provide the map to use as we help job seeker reach out job his next professional destination.
Resume Development:  X-clusive Connect will walk job seeker through a methodology that is geared towards capturing the attention of the reader and compel them to bring job seeker in for an interview.
Sharing of Positions: X-clusive Connect will guide job seeker through a process designed to provide him with positions relevant  to his exposure & desired geographical location,

Interviewing Strategies:  X-clusive Connect will provide techniques for job seeker to use in interviews and networking meetings that will present him in the way he wants to be seen in the corporate world.

Offer Negotiation:  X-clusive Connect will advise job seeker on how and what is appropriate to ask for through proper research of existing market scenario.

We offer three plans of X-clusive Connect to the candidate:

  1. Basic Plan. (Free): X-clusive Connect will share minimum 3 relevant jobs matching job seeker’s current requirements.

  2. Advance Plan. (1000 INR): X-clusive Connect will share minimum 10 relevant jobs matching job seeker’s current requirements. This will be a guided search with tools like Assessment, Resume Development, and Interviewing Strategies & Offer Negotiation at job seeker’s disposal.

  3. Premium Plan. (10,000 INR): Besides all the features of advance plan, X-clusive Connect will also guarantee a job to job seeker. Registration under this plan will be on selective basis depending on the employability of the job seeker at the discretion of X-clusive Connect.


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