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Employment Orientation Programme Retained Search Offering is appropriate when a company is looking to fill a technical, professional or management level position which is critical for a company to hire not just a qualified candidate but the most qualified candidate available. This is considered a dedicated search and usually the fee is slightly higher than contingency.

The first third of the fee is paid initially to commence the search. The second third paid within thirty days after the search begins and the final third paid upon an offer given to the candidate. Some of the features of our Retained Search Offering include:

  • A vertical specialist who will conduct detailed interviews with the client organization's management team to develop a full understanding of the position to be filled and the qualifications of the candidate to be recruited.
  • A dedicated effort on the company's behalf to filling the position taking into consideration critical issues relating to the job vacancy including skill set, company policies, mission, and culture, and targeting organizations identified as likely employers of potential candidates, and accessing proprietary and commercially available databases for sources of potential candidate.
  • A go-between to help persuade an executive or professional to leave a desirable position for a better opportunity, and to help negotiate the terms of the move.
  • A high degree of confidentiality in the recruitment process.
More Qualified Candidates

The Employment Orientation Programme Recruitment Consultant will present several qualified candidates to the client for interviews and acts as a mediator to assure that all issues relevant to filing the position are being addressed. Once the client company has selected one or more candidates it would like to hire the Employment Orientation Programme Recruitment Consultant will conduct final reference checks to confirm the accuracy of the candidate's suitability for the position and to assure that all relevant information about the candidate has been gathered.

Next the Employment Orientation Programme Recruitment Consultant will help the client develop the job offer and will help the candidate prepare to accept it. After the hiring our Recruitment Consultant will stay in touch with both the client and the candidate to assure a successful transition.

Retained vs. Contingency

The way the fee is paid has a great deal to do with how the work is carried out, and what kind of result can be expected. When a company retains Employment Orientation Programme to fill a particular job, it is paying for the process of conducting a search. Without being paid in advance, a contingency recruiter has no assurance of being paid at all. Therefore, a contingency recruiter cannot afford to invest a great deal of time working on any particular engagement, because a successful outcome may depend on factors beyond the recruiter's control. Contingency recruiters typically work with a large number of job openings, and using a database of known candidates, look for matches on paper and send those candidates' resumes - as many as possible - to clients for possible interviews.

The contingency search process is geared to identifying hirable candidates. But contingency search does not necessarily find the most qualified candidates that could be found. Finding the best candidates requires significant research and interviewing, applied to the hiring organization's particular need.

Neither contingency nor retained executive search consultants accept fees from individuals for the purpose of helping them find a job. However, contingency firms are motivated to "market" highly attractive candidates to several potential employers at once. Retained consultants are not motivated to sell candidates in the same way; they are being paid for the process of selecting the best candidate, so can be more objective about whether a particular individual is the right choice.