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Employment Culture:

At the foundation of our organization is our unequivocal commitment to our Clients, Candidates, and Consultants. Our ultimate goal is to have our Clients succeed and that goal is embodied in everything we do including the team environment we foster. Such cultural aspects promote our Consultants' entrepreneurial spirit and their ability to collaborative as a team - which ultimately equates to a rewarding career experience.

Our team is very committed to what we do and how we do it. We have high expectations of ourselves. Here are some of the values we bring to our work environment.

Collaborative - We work together to leverage the skills and experience of all of our Consultants so that we produce the best solutions for our clients' needs.

Honesty/Integrity/Ethics - We do the right thing - ALWAYS.

Delivery Excellence - We deliver what we say we're going to deliver.

Initiative - We get the job done - on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of the client.

People Orientation - A friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere.

Diversity - Diversity drives innovation. At Employment Orientation Programme, our Consultants are encouraged to bring their individualities to the workplace.

Innovative - We are known for ingenious solutions to business challenges. Rather than addressing them with a traditional solution, we often take a unique approach and in doing so, create value for our customers.

Customer-centric - We value our customers and strive to meet or exceed our commitments to them and to each other.

Driven - We have a sense of urgency when it comes to our business. We want our customers to succeed. If they succeed, so do we.

Respectful - We respect each other - Clients, Candidates, Consultants, and Suppliers. We listen to ideas and value differences.

Value-oriented - We aim to create value for our Clients. When Clients engage with us, we will provide the highest productivity and the best solution to their business challenge.

We're focused on people - Clients, Candidates, and Consultants alike. Our vision is to become the one-stop solutions provider of choice and bring value to our clients with a relentless focus on their needs. We know it's our talented Consultants that make the difference.

Leading-Edge Solutions

Employment Orientation Programme is able to deliver leading-edge solutions consistently to our clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment. The Employment Orientation Programme culture is what sets our firm apart and helps to make us a magnet for talent. To maintain our competitive edge and meet the high expectations of our clients, our culture continues to evolve.

Additionally, the people of we take very seriously their responsibility to the communities in which they live and work. Employment Orientation Programme has a long-standing tradition of leadership in philanthropy and community. From workforce development, children's organizations, community leadership, and support of many non-profit organizations, Employment Orientation Programme takes pride in its leadership position in community service.