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As the economy continues to improve companies are looking for alternative ways to ramp up talent while managing recruitment costs and maintaining flexibility. For many clients the most appropriate solution for their recruitment needs is to outsource all or part of the recruitment process. Employment Orientation Programme offers scalable and matrix driven Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions that generate a competitive advantage for our clients.

Is Your Company Considering Establishing an In-house Recruitment Function? Many of our clients choose to establish an in-house recruitment function for greater efficiency and to save on excessive outside contingency recruitment fees. Employment Orientation Programme Recruitment Function Implementation Services include:

  • Assessment of needs
  • Writing of a recruitment function business plan
  • Mission, vision, goals, and objective setting
  • Infrastructure development including policy and procedure development and implementation
  • Development of diversity hiring plans
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Building relationships with internal clients
  • Staffing plans
  • Interviewing and selection process development
  • Time to hire and cost per hire assessments and improvement
  • Software and tools evaluation and implementation
  • Development of recruitment source relationships
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Sourcing and qualifying candidates
  • Reference and background checking
  • Testing and assessment
  • Salary and relocation package negotiation

Once we have developed an internal recruitment function we work with you to hire full time in-house recruitment staff. Once in-house staff has been chosen our service includes:

  • Establishing Relationships Between In-house Recruitment Staff and Internal Clients
  • Recruitment Training and Development
  • Candidate sourcing training
  • Interviewing and selection skills training
  • Offer negotiation training

We develop an entire in-house recruitment function from start to finish saving you thousands in outside recruitment fees!
Additional Consulting Capabilities

RECRUITMENT PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: Does your company already have an internal recruitment function? We work with your management team to plan, measure, and improve how talent is brought into your company. We develop initiatives and practices that support your business goals, reduce time to hire, decrease cost per hire, and improve overall employee selection results.

CONTRACT AND PROJECT RECRUITING: Do you need to staff a project? Is your company expanding? Do you experience seasonal ramp up periods? Do you have too many open positions to make using the services of outside recruitment and staffing firms cost-effective? Our contract and project recruitment teams are highly experienced professionals who have worked in a variety of industry verticals nationwide. We understand your vertical and we understand your business. When you make the decision to contract one of our contract recruiters or a recruitment team you can expect a fast ramp up, professional and ethical service, and a cost-effective solution.

CANDIDATE SOURCING: Do you already have an internal recruitment function? Put the power of Employment Orientation Programme sourcing team to work for you! Employment Orientation Programme can help supplement your internal recruitment team's candidate sourcing efforts by sourcing qualified candidates for your open positions, screening those candidates (optional), and submitting those candidates to your internal recruitment or human resources team to complete your internal recruitment process.

OUTSOURCED EMPLOYMENT FUNCTIONS: Does your company not do enough hiring on a yearly basis to make an internal recruitment function cost-effective? Are your internal recruiting resources stretched too thin? We work with companies' internal recruiters, HR, and/or management by taking on all or part of the recruitment and selection process. We provide Recruitment and Sourcing, Screening, Assessment, Testing, Interviewing, Reference Checking, Background Verification, Employment History Verification, Education/Degree Verification, Criminal Background Checks, on-boarding, orientation, and Other Fundamental Employment Functions.

RETENTION ANALYSIS AND IMPROVEMENT: We help your company get a true objective picture of turnover and retention and work with your management team to develop and implement improvement strategies based on corporate goals and retention best practices.

COMPENSATION AND BENEFIT ANALYSIS: We go into the marketplace and compare how you compensate your hourly, salary, and management employees versus how your competition compensates their employees. This is an important step to remaining competitive in a job seeker driven marketplace.

STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING: We work with your company to define your need, develop a project plan, set deliverables, and implement the project to completion. Our consulting team is made up of a diverse pool of talented Human resource professionals who are subject matter and function experts in such areas as:

  • Human Resources strategy and strategic planning
  • Human Resources Best Practices
  • Workforce Management and Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Training and Assessment
  • Other critical Human Resources Functions